about us

SimpleBrands is a digital platform that provides professional and reputable off the shelf brands for entrepreneurs and businesses. Being the only of its kind in the UK, SimpleBrands recognises excellence and acknowledges that today’s tycoon is moving faster than ever before. We have therefore made the process as simple as possible.

At the heart of our operation, we understand the costs involved in starting a new business may indirectly and/or directly act as a deterrence for promising entrepreneurs. Our prices reflect our objectives of making business enterprise accessible to everyone.

In modern times, the internet has become a gateway to success by reaching not only a local market, but also an international one. To survive in the internet business world, a registered and brandable domain name is an absolute must. It provides businesses with credibility and gives consumers the confidence of knowing you’re committed to your product or service. By realising the market with an identifiable brand, consumers are able to recognise your business effectively and contributes to the success of it.

It’s simple.

As we privately own all of our brands, we are able to offer the most competitive rates on the market. Every week, SimpleBrands adds to its growing collection.

Our mission

Our online platform will allow you to:

  • Access high quality and ready-made brands
  • Save costs on unnecessary expenses
  • Save time on negotiations with domain owners
  • Get your project up and running as soon as possible
  • Gain confidence with consumers
  • Keep up with modern design directions
  • Acquire a brand asset
  • Obtain full ownership rights on purchase